Our visit here to Wadebridge Town Hall in 2013 with the Travelogue Kernow print studio was a very lively affair with young and old enthusiastically taking part. It led to the most colourful of the travelogues; something to do with all those kids?

We had such a good time back then and it is great to revisit, show the print to the town and so much else achieved with Picturing the Mines in the intervening years.


I’m so pleased I was emailed by a fellow artist and told about this exhibition. Mining is my heritage and I am very impressed by the work here and how its has been so well displayed.
Claire Heatley


Just a visitor passing through, glad to have has this chance to see what was ado, my gosh! so gorgeous! and especially cos’ people had a part and owned it too.                               Brian


Wonderful exhibition and comprehensive explanations                                                    A Retallick

Diverse range and cohesiveness.                                                                                           Toby


Many thanks to volunteers: artist Lindsey Morgan -Lundie; Terry Binns from PZ Conservation & Saskia Halliday.

Lovely to see familiar faces including Wadebridge artist Tracey Hunter and family who were so supportive & generous with their time when we were here in 2013 with with Travelogue Kernow; thank you.