We’re back in the school assembly room at CAST, a room with many community memories, a space with an atmosphere in which the array of works from our two commissions can resonate.

The Picturing the Mines work is no longer extant, the huge and seemingly substantial piece was actually ephemeral and only existed for a day being more about the journey than the destination as we explored our sense of how the mining had scarred the landscape over generations and though the process of collage feel it’s slow recovery in the present.


In contrast Travelogue Kernow brought people together to picture their town past & present in the wonderful Folk Museum and ultimately resulted in a huge community print which we can now reveal for the first time in the town it was conceived.


We had lots of help from old hands: artists Jo Clarkson, Lindsey Morgan-Lundie & Paula Bolton who contributed so much to Picturing the Mines in 2016; also fresh faces: artists Pip Bryson and Yolanda Armstrong; along with our very own Saskia Halliday and Rhea Evers; a big thank you to all of you and also to CAST and all the artists who visited us for their support.

This is an innovative way to display art and to interact with the local community in a meaningful way, well done. – Brighton based artist Geoff Hands

Love the collaborative printmaking.

Great to see this exhibition collaboration between people and areas in cornwall , many stories to be told, thank you. – Jane

I would be very keen to help out with future projects; I love the show and your work. – Ella Falmouth student