Here we are back in Penzance showing at the PZ Gallery, a space well suited for the task of displaying our richly diverse material. We have been able to lay out the many narratives and themes of the two commissions and our own related studio work with great clarity. We have hung Jesse’s series of portraits, Assembly, in a long procession leading away from the daylight into a space we lit dramatically bringing out the bright highlights of the copper on which they are painted. The opposite end of the gallery is all strong daylight, perfect for revealing the subtle layered depths in Bernard’s paintings and allowing his colours to sing out.

Come the evening PZ Gallery was alive with a buzz of people for our final social opportunity to show and talk about it all,  a fitting conclusion to the tour and the commissions. A huge thank you to all who came, for your enthusiasm and lively conversations around the work and it’s themes.

Thank you to all the amazing people we have met and worked with over the last few years for your energy, enthusiasm and support and to all those who have come along and taken part in the conversation. BI & JLS