The Exhibition Press Gang opened to the public at Falmouth Art Gallery on the 24 September 2016 with the complete Picturing the Mines suite of ten copper plate etchings  on show at it’s centre. Two glass cases displayed copper printing plates and some printmaking paraphernalia from the commission. The opening event was packed with a lively and enthusiastic crowd who took a keen interest in the prints.

Jesse Smith and John Howard each gave a talk at the gallery during the time the exhibition was on; Jesse talked about Picturing the Mines in the context of contemporary printmaking and John looked at printmaking techniques using the Picturing the Mines copper plates as examples.

Print Suite presented to World Heritage Site for Cornish & Devon Mining


At a special afternoon gallery event on the 5th November Bernard & Jesse presented the suite of ten etchings and the artworks from the touring studio events to Deborah Boden, representing the Cornish & Devon WHS. The prints and artworks are contained in two fabulous archive boxes constructed by Lizzie Neville and trainees from PZ Conservation. The boxes, designed in collaboration with Bernard & Jesse, are decorated with engraved tin plate furniture made by sponsor St Justin of Penzance.