Young visitors from Troon added energy and imagination into the mix as we journeyed with the ore from the black depths to the shining light of polished tin.

It was a day of frantic energy as our young helpers from Troon raced around King Edward Mine making rubbings and drawings of the many textures, lettering and machinery that abound in this delightful museum. PZ Conservation interns Rhea and Keira amazed with a demonstration of Hungarian and  Turkish map folding and the Picturing the Mines artists worked with the drawings and rubbings created by the school children and visitors to develop a 16ft linear map unfolding from dark to light.

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So much wonderful work was made during the day that we were able to bring the reverse of our map to life as well!

Our exploratory map re-imagines the journey of ore bearing rocks as they emerge from utter darkness into the light, and journey through processes that will win the precious tin and copper from the earth.

The event took place at King Edward Mine Museum, Troon, TR14 9DP on Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Later in the evening Jonathan Hayter performed

Minescapes – A Sonic Light Event



This unique live performance by Jonathan Hayter and a group of fellow artists including Stuart Blackmore , Sheila Ivey and Claude Bean , took place in the historic stamp shed of the mine museum.

This performance combined ideas and techniques I have developed over many years working with video animated imagery, live puppetry , movement and a unique , specially composed soundtrack played live.

Jonathan Hayter

It was obvious from the response of the audience that Jonathan and his fellow artists unique approach to live performance caught their imaginations. Coloured projections , narrative and sound took them on a weird and wonderful journey into an underworld populated by flourescent creatures and historic Cornish mining relics . Jonathan hopes to perform this sonic light show again somewhere in Cornwall though it will be hard to match the atmosphere and special environment of King Edward Mine!


Photos; Courtesy of Johnny Pope , Stuart Blackmore , Bob Mehen



Some images from King Edward Mine and The Great Flat Lode