Inspired by the historical ‘Tithe maps’ and using projections and diverse materials Picturing the Mines artists created a huge wall of patchwork collage depicting the impact mining has had on our surrounding fields, smallholdings and dwellings. At it’s peak mining scarred vast areas of Cornwall, cutting into and below the surface, covering the land with spoil, changing watercourses and creating new settlements as land was cleared to provide food and housing as workers poured into new mine workings. The land is healing but evidence of this dramatic past is visible everywhere in the undulations of the surface and the field boundaries we see today. Over the course of the day we travelled back in time, journeying from the present to explore this unprecedented upheaval in the landscape of Cornwall’s past.    

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The event took place at the Cornubian Arts & Science Trust ( CAST )

3 Penrose Road, Helston, TR13 8TP on 23rd June 2016