We have invited a number of guest artists to collaborate with us on the project. Each will bring something special and particular to the event we work on together, adding to the creative mix that is Picturing the Mines.

  • Matthew Bennington

    'Hide' Matthew Benington

    The content of my print based work often focusses on cultural memory, etching images into steel by hand implies a desire to create a unique record. In the durational process an image is realised by hand painting a negative of the image in acid resistant varnish etching, working from light to dark and defining tonal layers with corrosive acid. The composition is concealed until the process is complete. I am really excited by the opportunity of producing new work for the Picturing the Mine’s project that explores the binaries of light and dark and the portal that is implicit in the mouth of a mine. This work will be informed and inspired by the two public events at Tavistock and Liskeard that I will be working on with the team. www.matthewbenington.com

  • Jeremy Cole

    I am very excited to be involved in the ‘picturing the mines’ project. St Just, my home, is built form mining it is a living history remembered and recounted warmly and bitterly. Tales and memories are shared artefacts adorn walls, mining built a strong community, a community that endures.
    I make drawings of objects and people, I use them to visualise my true interests – the tales, myths and histories that tells us where we are from and how to be where we are.
    I work in graphite, silverpoint and print. I discover ancient processes and reinvent lost crafts entwining them into an allegory of delicate connection, questioning origin, survival and colligation.


  • Jack Davis

     High res, The Big Blue

    “It has always been a fundamental part of the human condition to question and shape our environment – this notion is central to my practice.”

    “Creating my sculptures is like a tug of war between artist and material, producing a three dimensional location map. Bending and shaping the form in situ allows me to respond directly to my environment.”


  • James Hankey

  • Jonathan Hayter

    Jonathan has spent the last 5 years making a personal exploration through the Minescapes of Cornwall linking it to his own visual creative practice through painting and multimedia . In 2013 he had an exhibition of paintings and drawings in Heartlands Atrium gallery under the name Minescapes.

    He with will be working with us at King Edward Mine and following on in the evening there will be a live event at the mine using Jonathan’s own blend of video projections and soundscapes, ‘Minescapes’.

    Jonathan Hayter Light installation
    Jonathan Hayter – light installation



  •  John Howard

  • Dan Pyne

    Dan is a painter, sculptor and print maker; interested in the infinite exploration of surface and experiments in process that teeter between structure, control and self creating organic objects.
    Geological, biological and zoological processes, and structures feed and inform his work.
    With a background in scientific illustration Dan brings yet another artistic approach to the Picturing the Mines team.