Jeremy Gilberts St Justin is a thriving jewellery company creating with various materials including Cornish tin. In what may be a unique collaboration Bernard & Jesse will work with St Justin and PZ Conservation on the design and construction of two unique works of art in the form of commemorative boxes; one will contain the maps and the other the suite of ten copper etchings. St Justin will generously share their expertise and provide the engraved tin features and clasps [known as ‘furniture’].

Jeremy Gilbert qualified as a mineral technologist in 1978, he worked for a period in South Africa on the gold mines before changing tack and working in the concrete industry as an engineer. His background in mineralogy and metals was the basis of the drive to start a new business working with pewter and tin to create jewellery.
St Justin was born in 1984 using the word association of St Just and Tin, only later to discover that a St Justin actually existed in history. The business grew over the years and moved to Long Rock where it built its own factory and now employs 35 staff. The original designs were built on Celtic roots in which the intricate knot work and spiral patterns predominated. Over the years more contemporary ideas filtered through and today the business has a wide choice of designs and materials in its catalogue. Pewter, Cornish Tin, Cornish Bronze and Sterling Silver are utilised in various castings to give appeal to a wide population.
The Cornish tin, in particular, has a strong provenance as it comes from a shipwreck of Cornish tin ingots from 1863. Salvaged off the seabed, this tin is used to make lovely pieces of jewellery and giftware. A passion exists for all things Cornish and the company thrives on working with other local businesses.

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